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Inspection Results are in

on September 24, 2013

Saturday morning I went to “my place” – feels weird to call it my house, since it isn’t really mine yet.  My very nice inspector, Sam, was very patient with me asking a million questions.  He very thoroughly explained everything he was looking for, any issues he noted, solutions for any issues, and a lot of great advice on home maintenance.

There were a couple things he found that I had no way of knowing about prior to inspection.  Namely, moisture in the basement and mildew on the underside of the roof.  He told me what could be done for both, and I’m comfortable with that.  He also said that a lot of houses that age in this area have similar issues.  Homeowners try to insulate basements and attics and completely cut off airflow – this leads to a build up of moisture and mildew.

In this case the vents in the crawlspace basement had been covered with foamboard insulation and bricks.  I’m going to have to get down there and crawl on my hands and knees with all the spiders, and pull all that insulation off.   There’s a ton of junk down there too – rusting paint cans, wooden ladders, and just junk.  All of that has to come out.  I’m NOT looking forward to that job.  I’m already thinking of who I can pay to do it for me cheaply.

The attic had blown-in insulation put in a couple years ago, and it looks like the baffles (to keep the insulation from blocking the soffit vents) and the power fan (to turn on and pull hot moist air out) had been installed at that point so further moisture shouldn’t be a problem.  The existing mildew does have to be treated though.  This presents a problem – the blown-in insulation makes it impossible to walk up there.  So I’m going to have to lay down as few planks as possible across the rafters and squish down as little insulation as possible in the process.  Then either have professionals come treat the mildew, or get a solution to kill and prevent further mildew and do it myself.  Then once that’s done, put some insulation over the boards I’ve placed to make up for the squished insulation.  Squished insulation = ineffective insulation.

But anyway – on to the pictures!  I’m actually really excited to have such ugly “before” pictures.  I love decorating and remodeling, especially if I can DIY as much as possible and get good bargains in the process.  Something about being thrifty, and turning something other people would never consider living in, into a comfortable and inviting home.  I just can’t wait.  And this house is U.G.L.Y.

First, a layout:


Using I created this.  It is by no means accurate.  I’m somehow missing a couple closets, etc.  And I don’t actually own a lot of the furniture, I just put it in to make it apparent to my family what the rooms were.

The top is the front of the house and the bottom is the back.  The 3 rooms along the left are the bedrooms.  And yes, that block in the upper right is supposed to be there – it’s the coat closet.  The dinette and table in the kitchen need to be built (yay -future project!).

Here’s the Tour:

First we approach the house from the street

Front of House

Here is a closer view

Front of House

Front of House

I guess this is the “garden”.


Here is the living room

Living Room

Living Room

Yes, the carpet matches the drapes…


Looking from the living room back into the dining room (and towards the family room):


Closer view of the medallions on the dining room wall.  Don’t get too attached – those won’t be staying:


The family room overlooking the back yard:


Back to the front of the house.  The smallest bedroom, in the front of the house.  Notice the continued use of paneling:


This bedroom is the biggest of the three, and is off of the dining room:



Here is the back bed room.  The pink bedroom.


Let’s get a closer look at that wallpaper (excuse my crappy camera).  You can kind of tell that the wallpaper is METALLIC.  Gross.


Over to the laundry room.  To the left is the door to the carport:


Here is the full bathroom in the front of the house:


The half bath is between the laundry room and the family room, in the back of the house:


I’ve been saving the best for last – the kitchen.  Here we are, looking into it from the living room:




Here you’ll notice 2 microwaves.  The built in one above the stove doesn’t work.  So they left it there and put one on the counter, next to it.


Let’s get a close up of that tile counter and backsplash….


Here is the eat-in area.  I have big plans for a banquette, with storage under the benches.  I actually acquired the perfect table from Craigslist yesterday.


A close up of the flooring.  Like a kaleidoscope.


Leaving the kitchen, going through the laundry room to the carport:


The half garage behind the carport.  Used as storage/work room by the previous owners:


The big backyard for Dolly!  It is her house after all.  I have some plans for this yard.



As you can see – there is a LOT of work to do.  It’s not even a blank canvas – it’s an outdated, ugly canvas that needs a lot of imagination and TLC!  I think Dolly and I are up to the challenge.


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